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K4 Ableton delavnica w/Hedflux

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Objavljeno 14 oktober 2013 - 12:50

K4 prireja 3-dnevno Ableton delavnico (16.-18.10.), ki jo bo vodil znani producent Hedflux (http://www.hedflux.com/about).

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Okvirni program:

Day 1 - Introduction to Ableton, Being an full-time Artist & Making Beats

- Short presentation about life as a professional artist. The challenges and pitfalls, ways to develop yourself personally and professionally. Maximising your value and income streams. The role of music within a wider cultural, physical, and spiritual context.

- Introduction to Ableton Live and the core features, instruments & FX, audio , MIDI and return channels, working with loops etc.

- Drums. Making a funky breakbeat. Layering drums, adding groove and variation to your beats, programming drum fills, EQing, compression and analysis techniques.

Day 2 - The Dimensions of Bass

- Subtractive and FM synthesis with Operator.

- Making a simple techy bassline using Operator.

- Note patterns, velocity modulation, swing, LFO's, track modulation and more.

- A quick look at Analog, comparisons to Operator.

- An in depth look at Sampler, and making basslines from sampled waveforms.

- Layering, Instrument racks and macro control

Day 3 - Fun with Synths and FX

- Bleeps, squeaks, warps, stabs, pads, zaps and other synth noises

- A look through Ableton's built-in FX, and some powerful combinations

- The power of Multi-FX - a look at Sugarbytes Turnado

- Glitching, slicing and editing for complex sounds.

- Musical arrangement techniques

- Optional - DJing with Ableton

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