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    arhitekt spektralnih platform prostora in časa

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Objavljeno 04 april 2013 - 05:28

... še nekaj nekoliko "drugačnih" plug-inov imajo...

Many people have asked us to sample Tesla Coils.

This was an invention by the Croatian genius, Nikola Tesla, whose innovations and numerous patents still advantageously affect us today - if not for him, we wouldn't have AC electricity and he was dabbling with radio, wireless remote control, X-rays, even a wireless electricity supply back in 1800-and-something.

But in 1891, he came up with his Tesla Coils...

Giant, sparking and rasping generators of electricity up to 1,000,000 volts as they discharge to earth or a nearby conductor. You've probably seen the spectacular videos on YouTube.

Naturally, these aren't the kind of thing one can easily lay one's hands on readily so we synthesised them on the modular system here...

And then we wrapped all that up in a retro looking GUI in Kontakt...

With 3-band EQ and various distortion units and cabinet simulators for profound tonal modification, random pitch and tonal 'variations' with a simple envelope feeding a stereo/mono echo unit and convolution reverb with custom spring and plate impulses, the result is a raucous selection of sounds which, whilst not the obvious choice for a chart topper perhaps, should find favour with those of a more experimental disposition.

Tesla Coils is available now for a mere £10

Vir: http://www.hollowsun.../HS2/sli/tesla/
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